Congratulations and welcome to the National Energy Equipment Dealer Meeting in Portugal, September 14-22, 2019.

Please fill in the following contact form to complete your registration.

Terms & Conditions:

Registrants passports must be valid up to March 23, 2020. Registrants are responsible to ensure they have appropriate personal travel and health insurance. All registrants must be over the age of 21 and a member of your companies ownership/management. Names cannot be changed after this forms submission. Registrants understand and accept full responsibility for all activities and participate at their own risk. This is not an all-inclusive resort and accept responsibility for additional personal costs incurred.

This trip is pre-paid and 100% non-refundable/non-cancellable.

Dealer’s are responsible for all fees associated with any revisions and/or the full amount of the trip in the event of cancellation.

  • $100 change fee per person plus difference in airfare.
  • All fees and arrangements associated with airport and transportation to and from the resort.
  • Extra charges for flights must be paid in full and confirmed at time of booking.

National Energy Equipment Inc. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time, dates and destination may be changed due to circumstances beyond our control.

Stay tuned for more information and note your travel e-documents will be emailed to you approximately 3 weeks before departure.
Thank you for registering.