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Corporate Branding

We craft unique brands for small and large businesses to reach new audiences.

We produce bespoke corporate brand and growth strategies that deliver high conversion and accelerate brand growth. With 30+ years of experience, our philosophy is to gain affinity from your target audience to achieve organizational goals and ensure your brand resonates.


Brand Analysis

We analyze your target customers, competition and unique selling points, providing a strategy of how to differentiate your company and stand out in the market.


Logo Design

Utilizing strategic logo design captures attention, creates a lasting impression, the foundation of your brand identity, and generates brand loyalty.


Brand Strategy

A successful branding strategy requires a deep understanding of your target audience. To stay competitive in a dynamic market, your strategy must be reviewed and refined regularly.


Brand Identity

A well-crafted brand identity helps a company establish a distinct personality, build brand equity, and connect with the desired target audience.


Brand Positioning

Effective brand positioning shapes consumer perception, guides our targeted marketing efforts, and influences customer behaviour.


Brand Implementation

The consistent application of brand elements across varying customer touch points creates a cohesive and recognizable brand experience to drive growth.

Award Winning Creative Team

Corporate Branding and Rebrands

We produce bespoke corporate branding and growth strategies that deliver high conversion and accelerate brand growth. With 30+ years of experience, our philosophy is to gain affinity from your target audience to achieve organizational goals and ensure your brand resonates.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes! Our team updates and revitalizes brands to ensure your branding is relevant, appealing, and aligned with current market trends and customer preferences. Through discovery, we will refresh various elements of the brand, such as its visual identity, messaging, and positioning, while maintaining its core essence and values.

The timeline for rebranding can vary depending on the size and complexity of the brand and the scope of the rebranding project. It typically involves several stages, and the overall timeline can range from a few months to over a year. Here is a general outline of the rebranding process and its associated timeline:

  • Preparation and Research (1-2 Weeks): This stage involves conducting market research, competitor analysis, and gathering insights from stakeholders. We define the objectives and strategy for the branding effort.
  • Brand identity development (3-5 weeks): The brand identity development stage focuses on creating or updating custom visual elements such as the logo, typography, color palette, and imagery. This stage may also involve designing templates for various marketing materials.
  • Messaging and communication (4-8 weeks): This stage involves developing brand messaging, taglines, and key brand narratives. It includes crafting a consistent voice and tone for the brand across various communication channels.
  • Implementation and rollout (6-12 weeks): Implementing the rebrand across various touchpoints requires coordination and planning. This includes updating the website, packaging, signage, advertising materials, social media profiles, and other brand collateral. The rollout may be completed in phases or all at once, depending on the scale of the branding.
  • Internal and external communication (ongoing): Throughout the process, internal and external communication is essential. This involves informing employees, stakeholders, and customers about the modernization, highlighting the benefits and changes associated with the updated brand.

Every brand is unique and the deliverables are customized for each project. The most common requests we receive for deliverables are the following:

  • Brand identity elements: The updated brand identity includes visual elements such as a new or refreshed logo, color palette, typography, and imagery guidelines. These elements help establish a consistent and cohesive visual representation of the brand.
  • Brand guidelines: A comprehensive brand guidelines document is created to ensure consistency in how the brand is presented across various touch-points. It includes instructions on logo usage, color specifications, typography guidelines, imagery styles, and examples of proper brand application.
  • Marketing collateral templates: Design templates for various marketing materials are provided to ensure consistency and efficiency in producing branded assets. This includes templates for business cards, letterheads, email signatures, presentations, social media graphics, and other promotional materials.
  • Website and digital assets: If the branding update includes the website and other digital assets, the new brand identity is implemented in the design and user interface. This may involve creating wireframes, designing new web pages, and providing guidelines for developers to follow.
  • Packaging and signage guidelines: If applicable, guidelines for packaging design and signage are provided to ensure that the new brand identity is properly reflected on product packaging, retail signage, and other physical touchpoints.


Corporate Design

  • Brand Identity Elements
  • Marketing & Collateral
  • Web + Digital Assets
  • Communications + Rollout Strategy

Custom Packaging

  • Custom Product Packaging
  • Concise and Memorable Details
  • Consumer Testing
  • Design to Tangible

Brand Positioning

  • Create Emotional Connection
  • Brand Personality + Tone
  • Define Value Proposition
  • Consistency and delivery Strategy

Collateral Development

  • Results Driven Custom Branding
  • Corporate Digital Sales Design
  • Custom UI Designs
  • Print + Digital Branding Elements