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Digital & Media Marketing
Digital & Media Marketing
Digital & Media Marketing

Go beyond PPC with digital Video ADVERTISING.

Digital Video Advertising Formats

Digital Streaming Advertising

In-stream video (Pre-roll and mid-roll)

Video ads can run before and in between the programming content. These ads can run for up to 30 seconds without being skipped. Pre-roll and mid-roll ads are available across desktop, mobile web, mobile apps, and emerging platforms.

Digital & Media Marketing

Connected TV

Also called over-the-top (OTT), this is television connected to the internet for streaming video content. As a growing trend in Canada’s digital marketplace, provide additional reach to your target audience with in-stream video ads: pre- and mid-roll available on Bell Media apps delivered through connected devices onto the big screen.

Digital Streaming Advertising


Outstream video expands within the article content as the unit is scrolled into view. This reader-friendly format displays on both desktop and mobile websites. Its high viewability increases engagement and brand awareness

Digital & Media Marketing

Vertical Video

These video-formatted display ads, also called Mobile in-unit vertical video, play in a vertical (portrait) orientation rather than the typical horizontal (landscape) orientation. Available via 300 x 600 or video app interstitials.

Digital Media Buying

Reach Customers Through Digital Video Advertising Streaming Platforms.

Elevate your brand with targeted reach, dynamic content, and measurable results. Connect with your audience in real time on digital video advertising platforms.

Digital Video Advertising
Digital Video Advertising Streaming
Generate Brand Exposure

Expanding Your Media Mix Has Never Been More Important.

Take your marketing to the next level with an expanded mix that delivers unmatched results. We deliver the most cost effective media delivering measurable ROI.

Media ChannelS

Target The Right Creative to The Right Audiences

Maximize Your Advertising Impact with Expert Media Buying Strategies. We develop calculated marketing strategies across mediums to deliver the best results.

Digital Video Advertising

Our Digital Partners

Television Media

  • Leverage National Buying Power
  • Media Analysis
  • Frequency Strategy
  • CPM Calculations

Outdoor Campaigns

  • Effective Mass Exposure
  • National Campaign Reach
  • Brand Development
  • Location Selection

Print & Publishing

  • Publication Selection
  • Ad Creative Development
  • Enhance Brand Legitimacy
  • Valuable Impressions

Targeted Streaming

  • Spotify + Campaigns
  • Data Driven Audience Targeting
  • Performance Tracking
  • Analytics Reporting